1. Availability of the site / application on cloud is 100% up time ensured?
- You have multiple choices for hosting servers, like VPS or Dedicated, We assure you 99.99% uptime.

2. Data Security and backup / restore
- Data security depends on what package you have chosen, You can export your reports in excel format at any time from system itself, and we can provide complete backup files to our valuable customers in timely manner according to their request, Data security concerns like Integrity, Confidentiality has strictly followed by our side.

3. In case of failure or corruption of data; will the support team restore data for a state which we request?
- We can restore your system's data as per your backup schedules, your backup schedules will depends on your package, you can obtain daily auto backup facilities or weekly or any number of days or hours you can choose. In case of any valuable situations you can report us to generate system backup. For better performance and security you have to export backup files from your control panel in timely manner.

4. Is there any option available to back-up and restore the data at our side?
- You have options available at your end for backup facilities.

5. Do you have the Smart School MIS which we can opt to host in our campus (on-premise)?
- We do not provide systems to host in your premises because of hosting quality issues and distributed server architecture, but we can provide you system with dedicated server in which you can purchase hosting servers from any reputed hosting company from our listed providers.