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These terms and conditions govern your use of this website; by using this website, you accept these terms and conditions in full. If you disagree with these terms and conditions or any part of these terms and conditions, we are sorry for any inconvenience but you must not use this website.

Dear User, we strongly recommend acquaint you carefully with Terms and Conditions (“Terms” or “Agreement”) before using the services, provided by Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. By signing in into online smartschoolmis.com or Demo versions of the service you agree that samrtschoolmis.com will store your credentials in the database on the server. We will not share your private and confidential information with any other third persons or third-party services. You agree to respect the services and follow the Terms and Conditions, prepared by Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Additional Agreement can be applied for services and products that will be launched in future, so for your best experience, it is important to become familiar with all of these Terms of Conditions.

By using Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’s Smart School MIS Software, you signify that you unconditionally agree and accept to be legally bound by these Terms.

These Terms and Conditions constitute an agreement between end user (you) and Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. governing your use of the Service. This version of Agreement supersedes any prior agreements between you and Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

All new features that are added in future on smartschoolmis.com functionality or new kind of services provided by smartschoolmis.com will be the subject of these Terms. The newest version of the Terms and Conditions always will be placed online on this website.

In the case of any violation of this Agreement Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account or license.

In addition, Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. may not provide the access to the Services if you are Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’s competitor. Also, we may not give you the access to our services and products for purposes of monitoring their availability, performance or functionality, or for any other benchmarking, testing or other competitive purposes.

Before you become the user of smartschoolmis.com services and products you must carefully read, unconditionally agree and accept all of these Terms and Conditions. It is your obligation to check them for updates from time to time.

Only these Terms and Conditions are applicable to Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Any other forms of Terms or conditions made to you by its employees or representatives are not applicable to Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

If you don’t agree with these Terms and Conditions then you have no right to use Smart School MIS services and products.


“Agreement” – these Terms and Conditions.

“Confidential Information” – all kind information shared between you and Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd, in any writing, verbal or electronic forms. It does not include information which is, or becomes, publicly available other than through unauthorized disclosure by the other party.

“Customization” – a process of developing software that is specially designed for some specific organization or business needs.

“Data” - any kind of information that you have inputted with or without your credentials into this website.

“Smart School MIS” - means the name of software, products or services provided on this website.

“Intellectual Property Right” – any patent, trademark, service mark, copyright, moral right, right in a design, know-how and any other intellectual or industrial property rights, anywhere in the world whether or not registered.

“On demand” – at any time when the user requires it. In the case of Smart School MIS means hosting the software on client’s side and customization by Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. developers.

“Services” – all kind of services related and not limited to customer relationship, human resources, inventory and product, accounting, sales and purchases, orders, invoices payments management and their configurations provided by Twinkle IT Solution Pvt. Ltd.

“Software” – all human readable, machine operable and all other forms of the software which comprise the Services and incorporating all forms of any modifications made to it by Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. from time to time.

“Terms” – these Terms and Conditions.

“User” – a person who uses services provided by Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd and it’s product Smart School MIS.

“Website” – internet site at the domain https://smartschoolmis.com or any other site that is operated by Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

“You” – you, the person who use our services, products or software on our website or by using mobile applications.

Changes to these Terms and Conditions

Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to update and change these Terms by posting updates and changes of modified version on this website at any time. Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will make every effort to notify you about these changes in Terms via email or notifications on the website. You continue use of these Terms and Conditions after the update. You are advised to check the Terms of Service occasionally for any updates or changes that may impact you. Any new software or services provided by Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. that enhance, expand or enlarge existing Services will be the subject of these Terms. These Terms and Conditions can be changed in future. It is your obligation to ensure that you have read, understood and agree to the current version of Terms that are available on the website. Please review these Terms and Conditions periodically for changes.

The last update of these Terms of Service was made on 29th October, 2016. It replaces any prior Agreement or Agreements between you and Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

End user license agreement

Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. grants you the right to access and use the Services provided on website https://smartschoolmis.com or its sub domains this right is non-exclusive, non-transferable, and limited by and subject to this Agreement. You acknowledge and agree that, subject to any applicable written agreement between the Subscriber and the Invited Users, or any other applicable laws:

you determine who is an added user in the system;

you decide what access level every user has;

you are responsible for all added users;

you control each added user’s level of access to the relevant organization and Services at all times;

you can revoke or change an added user’s access, or level of access, at any time and for any reason;

in the case of any dispute between you and added user regarding access level to any organization or Service, you shall decide what access or level of access that added user shall have, if any.

General Obligations

You are allowed to use the Services provided on this website only for your own and lawful business needs, according to these Terms and any notice sent by Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. or condition posted on the website. You have the right to use these Services and website on behalf of others or to provide services to others only if you are authorized to do that. Those persons should comply and accept all Terms of this Agreement if they granted you to use Smart School MIS.

Access :

It is your obligation to keep confidential and secure all logins and passwords that are required to access the Services. If you found any unauthorized use of your credentials or any other attack for Services security then you must notify Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd, and you will be provided with new password or login. You must take all necessary actions to maintain the security of accounts that you use.

Accessing and using these Services, you must :

1) Not try to break the security of Smart School MIS Services and software, computing networks or systems, or the third-party networks where are hosted Smart School MIS Services;

2) Not use the Services provided to you by Smart School MIS in any way that can damage the proper stable work of Services, systems, software or website;

3) Not use any services, software to or other programming tools to weaken the ability of any other user to use the Services or website;

4) Not misuse the Services in a manner that exceeds reasonable usage;

5) Not use the Services in a malicious, fraudulent or unlawful manner;

6) Not try to get unauthorized access to any data other than that to what you have been given access or to the system where are hosted Smart School MIS Services;

7) Not upload any files or input any kind of information into the Website that can damage the software, networks, systems or devices;

8) Not upload any material or data protected by copyright or commercial know-how which you don’t have the right to use;

9) Not upload any offensive data or images related to racism, fascism, pornography, religion and so on;

10) Not try to disassemble or decompile any computer software used to deliver the Services by Smart School MIS, hack into the computer networks and systems.

Usage Limitations :

Usage of Smart School MIS may be subject to limitations. It can include number of proceeded students, number of users etc. Any kind of limitations may be varied by Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Your obligation is to check these Terms and Conditions periodically for the new version.

Smart School MIS – All Mobile Apps :

Use of the mobile app (mobile applications for Android or iOS operating systems) is an additional access tool for users to conveniently use all or partial functionality available on the website from mobile devices. If you don’t accept these Terms and Conditions then you must stop using the App and, if necessary, delete it from your device(s).

Confidentiality and Privacy

Intellectual Property

The website and any documentation or user guides related to the Services remain the property of Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Ownership of Data:
The data, entered by you on Smart School MIS services, remain your own property. You grant Smart School MIS a license to use, copy, transmit, store, and back-up your information and data for the purposes of enabling you to access and use the Services and for any other purpose related to provision of Services to you.

Backup of data:
You must maintain copies of all data inputted into the Service. Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will do its best to prevent data loss, including periodically data back-up, but does not guarantee that there will be no loss of data. Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. excludes responsibility for any possible loss of data no matter how it was caused. You can create your backup files at client end also, backup facilities provided by Smart School MIS is depend on a package chosen by you. You can make request at any time for a backup files of currently available data in the system.

Third-party integrations and your data:
If you connect any third-party to use together with the Services, you acknowledge that Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. may allow the providers of those third-party applications to access your data as required for correct work of those third-party applications with the Services. Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will not be responsible for any disclosure, changes or loss of your data resulting from any such access by third-party application providers.

Accuracy of Data:
When you input any data onto the website you agree and acknowledge that you are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of such data. Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is under no obligation to ensure that your data on the website is an accurate representation of your actual data. We strongly recommend performing a periodical review of your actual data.

To use the Services and the website you must be authorized to access the information and to input the data into the website, including any information or data input into the website by any person you have authorized to use Smart School MIS Services. You must be also authorized to access the processed information and data that was made available to you through your use of the website and the services.

Limitation of Liability:
Smart School MIS excludes all liability and responsibility to you (or any other person) in contract, tort (including negligence), or otherwise, for any loss (including loss of information, data, profits and savings) or damage resulting, directly or indirectly, from any use of, or reliance on, the Services or website. If you are not satisfied with the Service, you must terminate these Terms and Conditions and stop using Smart School MIS services.

When you sign in for Smart School MIS software you can evaluate the Services as long as these Terms will have changed. Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to terminate your usage of Services in the following cases:
• You breach any of these Terms and Conditions;
• You terminate this Agreement and your use of the Services and the website.

Before termination of agreement you must have to take data backup of all your information in specific formats in your storage devices. After termination of agreement Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Smart School MIS excludes all liability and responsibility for storage of your data or any type of information which you have uploaded in Smart School MIS website or it’s sub domain website.

Cancellation / refund policy:
There is no cancellation option for the end users. In case of duplicate payment, end user has to approch sales department (sales@twinkleitsolutions.com) with proof of the transaction reference/ bank statement. By submitting a payment through the online payments site you are agreeing to this terms.

Technical issues:
In the case of technical issues, you must make all efforts to explore possible root causes before you contact Twinkle IT Solution Pvt. Ltd. If you still need some technical assistance, please check the support provided online by Smart School MIS on the website or emailing us at support@smartschoolmis.com. Also, you can use online chat system if you are facing some troubles with Services. Smart School MIS will do its best to address all queries and requests for assistance received through the website, call or via email as soon as possible but does not guarantee you support instantly.

Service and support availability:
Smart School MIS makes all efforts to make the Services available 24/7. It is possible that the Services or website may be unavailable temporarily for scheduled maintenance, upgrade or other required technical activities. If for any reason Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has to suspend the Services for longer periods than Smart School MIS would normally expect, Twinkle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will publish in advance details of such activity on the website.